Day 349 – Totally chilled

It’s not often myself and Sarah get any time to ourselves and after the start to the year we’ve had, I decided it was time we had a bit of ‘us’ time!
So I booked us into a health spa in Northamptonshire called Whittlebury Hall and dispersed the kids to Mums and my sister.
We had a fantastic day dipping in and out of the Jacuzzi, in and out of the various heat and ice rooms/showers and chilling by the pool. We had a lovely lunch and stuffed our faces then had a back, neck and shoulder massage which was amazing!
As it was a health spa, there was also a gym so whilst Sarah read her book by the pool, I took the opportunity to get my run done. It was a first and last for the challenge as I ran on a treadmill. I’m not a big fan of treadmill running as it really is boring so after setting the distance at 10k I decided to reduce this to 8k as I was losing interest! Unfortunately I had left my Garmin watch at home but luckily still had my Nike+ app on my phone so I could record my run. I’ve struggled to upload it via the website so I’ve attached a couple of screen grabs from my phone to prove my 5 mile run!!
We finished the day in the Jacuzzi before heading home after a thoroughly relaxing and much needed day together!
Now obviously I have taken a lot of stick (and will do after this blog!) for going to a health spa and in particular having a massage and facial, so to restore the balance and my manliness I finished the night by ordering a hot curry takeaway for our dinner and washed it down with some strong lager!! Happy days!!!

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run nike

Miles Today : 5
Miles Completed : 1191
Days Left : 16
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

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