Day 353 – Planning a route

With the end nearly upon us, Northy decided to invite everyone to join us for our last ‘local’ run around Grove then obviously a few jars afterwards by way of recovery!
The response has been great! We’ve had fantastic support and interest on our mental challenge and also a lot of support and stick for our blogging! So I think people are coming out to help us over the line but also celebrate the fact we are finishing and we may talk about something else other than running for a couple of weeks and also stop boring everyone with our blogs (well Jon anyway, mine have been interesting!!)
I literally had half an hour in between Sarah getting in from work and her going back out again so myself and Jon did our 3 miles together for the first time in ages. We wanted to plan a decent 3 miles for everyone that was joining us a week Friday and it looks like we have come up with a half decent plan!
Obviously we nattered all the way around so the pace was average for a pair of athletes like ourselves! Another one out of the way though and only a dozen left!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1203
Days Left : 12
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

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