Day 349: Saturdays!

I am dreading football start as I am really enjoying not getting up and rushing about on a Saturday and Sunday morning, I do love taking the boys and coaching the Under 11’s (now Under 12’s) but it is a huge commitment as you are there every week come rain or shine supporting your boys and helping others to improve and learn to be part of a team. I have played team sports all my life and since retiring from Rugby a couple of season ago I have greatly missed the banter involved in playing rugby or any other team sport that I used to be involved in. I would love to make a comeback and play one more season as I am fitter than I have been ever, but my body just can’t take the hits any more! I am currently suffering from a dislocated shoulder that I did in the middle of April and then re dislocated in July!!! So currently undergoing physio for my shoulder and we will have to see how it goes!!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1121
Miles to go: -26
Shoes: Asics GT3000

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