Day 351: 14 Days left

Well well!! I have only 14 days left and I am not one to gloat but it seems like nearly a year had passed since I started this challenge!!! It has bored a few people, some people actually have said they will miss my blogs so all in all a good year of spouting my shit on the world. Blogging is quite therapeutic it enables you to vent your frustration about all sorts of things, it is your opinion and only yours and everyone is entitled to an opinion. I have never been afraid to be blunt and honest if you don’t like my opinion don’t read it simple!! I have found the everyday blogging quite tough hence why I always seem to be slightly behind the pace but I will catch up as I only have a short period of time left.

I might start my own blog page as it is therapeutic but certainly will not be doing it everyday!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed: 1127
Miles to go:-32
Shoes: Asics GT3000

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