Day 352: 13 to go!!

Kids are a pain in the backside, I am happy my career wasn’t in teaching because I think I would have killed a few by now so all Kudos to teachers you have my admiration and respect you have the patience of the saints! It is summer holidays in the North house so Sharon is juggling childcare with work and trying to keep the kids amused at the same time an unenviable job. I come home every night to a stroppy 11 year old, an over irritating 9 year old and a tired 6 year old so the summer holidays are not that much fun as everyone seems to fall out!! I have in general well behaved and polite kids because if they are not they get the proverbial clip round the ear, no child is ever perfect despite what some parents like to tell you. They are all characters, they have different wants and needs, they have different levels of love needed, they are all mischievous and a little naughty at times, they love to wind each other up and blame each other for stuff and that is the start of the problems because they don’t know when to stop. They are my kids and I love them unconditionally I just don’t like them very much…………..

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1130
Miles to go:-35
Shoes: Asics GT3000

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