Day 354: 11 to go!!

I love a good rant its good for the soul, I got off my chest yesterday some angst and feel better, Today was a Thursday and John and I went for our first run together in an absolute age!! I think since April and without checking I would say probably when Millie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes!! so as we are organising this last village run next Friday we decided to plan a route as I felt running around the field was going to be very boring and believe me I’ve done enough boring runs on this challenge to last me a life time!!

So we plotted a route from the rugby club that involves the minimum of road crossings and isn’t too unpleasant(so its very flat!!) actually midway through writing this I have realised that we did this yesterday but I was too busy ranting!!! Anyway nice run cheers bro!!!

So onto today and it was quite when I got home after work as Sharon had taken the kids away camping for the weekend!! When I came through the door there was silence and it was bliss!! I did all the things as men we are not supposed to do I went to the loo with the door open, I left the toilet seat up, I left my cup in the middle of the floor, I didn’t wash up or tidy up, I sat on the sofa in my pants and watched what I liked on the TV and this was great for about an hour and then I was bored, no rows, no bickering, no nagging (I didn’t miss this bit!!) and no discussions on the football transfer market!!! I went to bed after watching a boring film called Pain and Gain I don’t recommend it as it was dull and turgid!! It is based on a true story which makes it even worse!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1133
Miles to go: -38
Shoes:Asics GT3000

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