Day 355:10 out of 10!!

10 days to go and its a Friday and the family is away, what to do I sat at home and cooked myself dinner then took a trip up to the shops for some Cider, I thought film and booze on the sofa (still in my pants!!) was the way forward!! I returned from shopping and popped down to see my lovely niece Millie moo as it was her birthday yesterday and she had had a day at London Zoo, so I had a piece of her lovely Frozen cake and then left and went for my run a pleasant 3 miles in milder conditions than of recent weeks!!

Tonight I ran with Becky and we had a nice chat whilst running my 3 miles it is always nice to run with someone other than me!! Thanks for the run enjoyed it!!

John and I are organising a last run in Grove a week today Friday the 15/8/14 at Grove RFC and we will be running a 3 miles route with approx 20 odd people who want to run with us and anyone is more than welcome we will also be enjoying some brilliant rehydration techniques afterwards so if you don’t fancy running and want to buy myself and John a pint please come along!!

I ate my dinner of very spicy rice and chicken (very spicy because Sharon was away and I could make it as hot as I like!!) and then flicked through for a film nothing took my fancy so I decided to shower and go to the pub!!! A lovely evening with some of the rugby lads came home a little drunk!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1136
Miles to go:-41
Shoes: Asics GT3000

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