Day 357: 8 to go Boing!!!

Well not the best nights sleep and I’ll give you the reasons, firstly Poppy and Freddie wanted to sleep next to me so I ended up between the 2 airbeds, secondly when they were asleep I moved stealth like to a new position at the end of the bed and Sam kept kicking me in the face!! Thirdly it started to rain hard and then the wind picked up and it made for an eventful night, at around 6 Sam and I were watching the porch section of the tent being blown to the floor and then bouncing back up with a boing!! So we went out and repegged the tent and saw lots of others doing the same thing. We are pretty hard us campers and there were some people packing up and going home.

At about 8 we decided to pack up as the rain wouldn’t stop and the wind was relentless so we unpacked, launched it into the car and then started the task of taking down the tent!! anyway as we packed the last bit the rain stopped and the sun peeped out!!

On the way home we stopped at moors Valley park and hired some mountain bikes and had a lovely funny couple of hours bombing around the tracks in the sunshine, Poppy was funny as she flew down a hill and forgot to brake ending up in a pile face and arms covered in mud but smiling!! It was a really good afternoon and I’d recommend it as its only an hour and a half from us!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1142
Miles to go:-47

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