Day 61: Apparently it will be alright

Went to see the physio today, I couldn’t get to see my usual physio at late notice so I took an appointment with another one at the same practice. Turns out its one of the ladies that I do BMF (British Military Fitness) with which was a bit of a coincidence. Not that I have been since I started this challenge. Anyhoo, I have good old fashioned strain in pretty much a kerzillion points throughout my calf and have a few more sessions booked in. Got to continue with the stretching etc and have to use the foam roller EVERY day, I hate that thing. The prognosis is positive though.

The run today was alright to start but gradually progressed to pretty crap. Hobbling around again tonight, might need some 1095er support.

Day 61
Miles 3.03
Miles so far 199.94
Miles to go 895.06
Trainers Asics Pain

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