Day 358 – Into the last week!

After a pleasant weekend it was back to work. Well later on anyway!
Dreaded nights again so was going to have to squeeze a run in when Sarah got back from work and before my shift started.
Had a bit of a lie in this morning (cheers kids!) but that put me a bit behind with the odds and sods I had to get done today.
Sarah was running late and the traffic was bad getting home so I had to call upon my father-in-law Rod to come round and sit with the kids until Sarah got back. He came round half hour earlier as well so I could get my 3 miles done, cheers Rod!
Steady pace then quick change before heading off to work. Passed Sarah on the journey so quick wave to each other by way of a hello and see you later!!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1218
Days Left : 7
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

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