Day 360:5 to go Sharon away again!!

Sharon is on a company course for a couple of days so I have a peaceful evening in but it makes running logistics hard! Sammy wanted to run with me so I dropped Freddie and Sammy to Grandma and Grandads and Sam and I ran the route for Friday, I tried to run quickly to stop is incessant chatter but this failed as motor mouth kept talking to me about football transfers, his running challenge that he is going to take up( a million miles in 4 days I think my brain had started to melt by mile 1!!!) his new school next year in fact about 50 different subjects!!! All joking aside he seems to have a good level of stamina, runs at a healthy pace and has good technique I just wish he would stop jabbering and concentrate on breathing. He has all the facets of a good distance runner if he can zip it!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1151
Miles to go:-56
Shoes: Asics GT3000

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