Day 361: 4 to go and the eve of the last run in our village!!

Its Thursday and today was the day that a fourth runner from our village has taken up the 1095mile challenge welcome Toby. Toby is a friend of mine from the rugby club and has closely followed my rather excellent blogs from the start, he always has time for a chat and is genuinely a top man. He asked my advice about the challenge and I told him my point that it is selfish, logistically hard, tough on relationships and could cause divorce which I think was the tipping point as he has decided to do it!! Only kidding I wish him well on his journey and have offered my support to him. So 1095 milers and all lets get behind Toby as he starts and intact to all my cyber bullys what will you have to do in 4 days!! Toby is now your man!!!

John has managed to arrange a photographer from the Oxford mail(great work bro!!) to come along tomorrow so although we are running at 8 he will be there at 6.30 so as many of you as possible can you get down a bit early to get in the photo!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1154
Miles to go:-59
Shoes: Asics GT 3000

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