Day 361 – Come on Eastleigh!!

I got in from work happy that I had now finished for a while and we were away on holiday from the weekend.
It’s always typical that I can’t sleep properly on nights but when it comes to the last shift and I need to be up and about, I could sleep for England!!
So when Sarah came and woke me up at 1pm, I really could’ve carried on sleeping for a few more hours! However, we needed to be at the hospital with Joe and Millie to take part in a diabetes research study. Joe was amazing having his blood taken and it was great to see him taking part in the study to help not only his sister but others who will be diagnosed in the future.
We left the JR and had a mad rush to try and get down to Eastleigh as Sarah was working and Joe, Millie and I were all going to watch their first home game in the Conference Premier. Absolute nightmare trying to get out of Oxford with the local roadworks but after getting out of the city we managed to get to the ground just under an hour before kick off.
As it was Eastleigh’s big night (live on tv as well!) it was incredibly busy and Sarah was rushed off her feet throughout the night. We managed to watch the game (after Millie had her worst hypo yet…bloody typical!) and witnessed a great win with he last kick of the game!!
Oh yes, I ran my 3 miles before we set off to the hospital and to was not a bad pace!! 4 to go!!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1227
Days Left : 4
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

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