Day 353: Ten miles of a Saturday

I took part in the Dublin race series 10 mile race in the Phoenix Park. Before the race I definitely fell into the spiral of negative thoughts that can hit you before a race. So much so that I took the first two miles handy and I had even set my pace alerts a good minute slower than I should have.

It was a good run overall. Pretty nice weather if a touch bright. Great atmosphere and so on. My knee locked for the last 50 metres or so which meant I hobbled over the line but a good stretch sorted that out :) Official time was 1hr 22 :)

After a quick shower, I headed out for lunch with my folks. Spent nearly 4 hours over the meal. It was awesome. Drury Buildings is definitely recommended!

Miles Today: 10.00
Miles Completed: 1188.13
Miles To Go: 36
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14

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