Me ready for a night out in the North East.

Me ready for a night out in the North East.

As the sun recedes earlier, cutting short the day; and the evenings become more part of our lives, there is definitely a chill in the air. I love all seasons equally as they bring something different (although in London it seems to be continuously grey and tepid). As they say ‘a change is as good as a rest’.

But out of the four, for me autumn is really special. It comes from my love of woodlands. There is nothing quite like a crisp autumnal morning in a woodland. The warm sun shining through the ever decreasing canopy, creating fantastic shards of light and colour onto a deep carpet of brittle leaves. Being nice and warm on a walk that will inevitably end in a local pub, by the fire. Brilliant.

How lovely the thought is. The reality of course for me is I will be getting wet and cold as this quarter develops. Cars immersing me in drain water as the pass through the blocked man holes. My bare legs reminiscent of a purple map of the East Anglian mud flats. All the while my nose will be running, adding yet more moisture to the T-shirt I have been unable to dry the entire week; which makes me shiver every time I slap it on.

I guess I will learn to adapt to it. Either that or I will grow a moustache, wear a yellow high vis long sleeved top and some blue (with red trim), Ron Hill running trousers, complete with elasticated foot straps. It is a good look if you are ex-military, and almost compulsory for the Sergeant’s Mess, because at the moment I look like Alan Partridge. Ill equipped…for anything.

Till then.

Day 52
Miles today: 3.00 (The lady in my ear said 3 miles the app said 2.98 = annoying. Happy with 25.11mins though. James Ellis, if you are reading this, please can I borrow your watch. I am fed up with the inaccuracy).
Miles completed: 164.72
Miles to go: 940

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