What a difference a day makes.

The altered Mexican song, which became ‘What a diff’rence a day makes’ was sung by Dinah Washington. I never knew that Dinah Washington died at the age of 39 and that during that unfairly short life she was married seven times. It was hard enough to convince one woman to marry me let alone duping seven.

The title says it all. I used to have near on sleepless nights, as a student, over £20 gas bills. Yet the day after, having fallen a sleep for a typical 14 hour period, I would feel more positive about the situation and realise that I would have to sell my body to make ends meet. Having seen me you would realise that there were no ‘takers’.

Anyway, having thought that I was on the road to greatness by reducing my times and actually feeling my legs drive throughout the distance, I start todays run with tight knee caps and lethargic quads. Is this lack of prep, the 13 hours days that I am doing (boo hoo – my heart bleeds) in turn making me lethargic, or just being lazy? I think the latter. I need to up my game as I feel that I am stagnating.

It will dovetail nicely actually with the change in weather. I will plan a few running circuits on playing fields or around parks, that will include ‘sprints’, running and recovery jogging. Not sure how or when I will start but it is food for thought. Where does that saying come from? Hang on I will search for it. Nah, nothing definitive as to its origins. Soz. Maybe I will do a week on sayings – yes! In the sporting arena.

Till then.

Day 55
Miles today: 3.01
Miles completed: 173.79
Miles to go: 931

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