Day 1 – October 1st – Here I (we!) Come!


Day:1/364 To go!
Miles Today: 3 miles!
Miles Completed: 3!
Miles To Go: 1092 to Go!

Hello Everyone: I took up the challenge!  Thank goodness I am a SW professional otherwise – not sure if I could figure out WordPress : )   –  I am sure I will have it worked out in a day or 2.   I have (which I am super excited about! a new Suunto watch thing/GPS etc, to help me track my progress)- will need to figure out how to get posted here.

About Me: I am a lapsed life-long runner (if that makes any sense!) and I am looking forward to having this forum to share my *New* Daily running escapades with!

I live and work in Santa Barbara and have decided that my dogs are happier if they go on a daily run as well – so they are in!

I am the  working mother/step mother of 6 children and strive to be all things to all beings including my need for almost daily yoga and more frequent runs, you will more than likely see my posts at odd times, but I am committed to the CHALLENGE!

My Day ONE Run was very pleasant! I love the meditative focus that comes with running (it’s just getting myself out the door!) I “think” that many of my runs will be night runs, so I purchased a miners light Thing-ie and an extra flashlight – which seem to make for a safe running at night through my neighborhoods.






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