Day 7: What a run!



Day: 7/365
Miles Today: 3.01 (my ‘usual neighborhood’ route)
Miles Completed: 20.94
Miles To Go: 1074.06

Another night run for me-actually the latest I have been on so far, but it was a great run! Perfect conditions, quiet neighborhoods (11:15 pm PDT) – excpet for one thing, I forgot to START my time, didn’t realize till about a mile in, hope i get a Pass from the team here, will put up what I have charted. Learning as I go, like I never have used a garmin before! Anyhow, missed my plan for an early AM during this morning so that  I could run under the Lunar Eclispe. I heard from James that not all of my images (maps) are showing up, if anyone else see this – plesae drop me a line, will help to trouble shoot what browser you are using…as well.



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