Monday 13th October 2014

At dawn on Friday, 13 October 1307 (a date sometimes spuriously linked with the origin of the Friday the 13th superstition) King Philip IV ordered scores of French Templars to be simultaneously arrested. This marked the end of the trust in the Knights Templar who, as you know, were very wealthy and influential.
The 13th October was also Baroness Margaret Thatcher’s birthday (before she passed away). I am not in anyway connecting the work that the Knights Templar did with that of the conservative Government in the 19080s, although arguably there are quite a few similarities.

Thinking about Baroness Thatcher reminds me of when General Pinochet visited the UK in 1998 and was hosted by the former Prime Minister, not far from here at Wentworth. On a televised meeting she thanked the Chilean dictator for his help during the Falklands conflict. The next day, one of the tabloid newspapers ran with the headline “Far right wing dictator meets Pinochet.”

It made me chuckle then and still does now. I love how in six words light can be shed on how ridiculous people and their actions are. If only they took some heed. Maybe I should write an open letter (which seems to be fashionable) to someone, somewhere and expose them to the same outbursts that you lot get.

Till then.

P.S. get ready for the next instalment of the Monthly Mentor. This month is the beautiful Katie L’herpiniere – although she doesn’t know it yet.

Oh and by the way I did 3 miles in 25.06 this evening. But it took me 7 mins to get across the road and get the phone out of its protective case. It says showers; more like monsoons.

Day 73
Miles today: 3.23
Miles completed: 232.10
Miles to go: 877

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