Dark Side of the Moon

This morning the moon was in fine form. It was your classic waning crescent that would be in a children’s story book, hopefully with a night cap on. I was amazed by the site of the stars that accompanied it. Considering I live in a town and the permatan orange glow that never leaves the night sky often sterilises the beauty of the stars. I then started thinking about the Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon and its 40th anniversary last year. I am in no way a hard-core fan of the band but appreciate the importance of the part they have played in music.

One of the group was being interviewed to promote the new album that they will be releasing (the last one that they will do). He was asked about previous members and they discussed at length one member, presumably Roger Waters, and the burden he had as the predominant driving force throughout the mid-1970s.

The point to this is that the interviewee said something that I liked, about people’s perceptions of others burdens (in this case creative ones). He said: “We can think that people are not pulling their own weight, when actually, theirs is a different weight to pull”.

It is a considered approach to why people behave or react differently than others, which I think could be used a lot more in day to day life.

Talking about weight to pull, I lugged this old carcass round at 0530hrs this morning, the same route as last night and did it in 29 minutes. I couldn’t get going – probably because I was half asleep still. But had to get the run in this morning as we have our friends from the continent for dinner this evening and need to interview the Monthly Mentor, Katie. By the way, if she says she won’t do it then you have to put up with an interview from Gene, three doors down, who would love to tell you about her cats and the restriction that her lumbago places on her ability to run. Not the fact that she is 93 and is never out of her wellington boots.

Day 77
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 244.39
Miles to go: 865

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