Eurostar – 16th October

Current affairs and the inevitable sale of anything worthwhile in the armoury of UK plc, reminded me that since childhood I have had two nick names in my family. Andre Fat Pavarotti Patel and Channel Tunnel nose. The former is slightly convoluted and rather less obvious than the latter. Why have I got nostrils that I can fit my thumbs up? My initial thoughts would be that it is a development in my DNA that should allow an increase of air intake to my lungs and therefore give me greater endurance and stamina? But the good Lord giveth in that regard and then taketh away, as he has attached those nostrils onto a head that alone weighs in excess of 100kgs – although I have not tried the water displacement test. But not everyone is this fortunate.

Individuality is a brilliant thing isn’t it? The excitement of meeting new people on the aeroplane abroad, and then the feeling of relief when you have finally lost them in the Vatican after they have followed you for 3 days. How dull would it be if you knew that wherever you went the people were going to be the same? I am not talking about customer service these days, in which there is no individuality or improvisation, just a script that is recited verbatim. People need to restart thinking for themselves or there will be a shortage of Friday night philosophers, in the years to come. Maybe that could be my new feature. I have 4 cans of premium strength lager and express my views on things that I think are important. The unnecessary name changes of various brands of confectionary, to support the US market. Why people follow modern day wrestling? The pros and cons of pronouncing Shrewsbury, ‘Shrewsbury’. And other important things. Anyway, onwards.

Till then

Day 76
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 241.39
Miles to go: 868

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