I have borrowed a Garmin watch to ensure that I have the most up to date versions of the 3 miles possible. I am busy learning its benefits and how to use it, which for me and any other man, is a big deal. Often I don’t read instructions in detail. I start off with the mind set that I will do it by the book, but then my artistic flare takes over and I end up fumbling around the buttons, like a teenager. It might tae me a while to get it going but nevertheless it will be a nice addition to the technological locker.

This evening I did the same route as last night, an ‘Out Back’ as I am calling them. I am afraid that there might be a few of them over the winter months as they are all lit well and are routes that enough people use throughout the day, meaning the council should in theory have tended to the street for safety’s sake meaning that not only will I be able to see black ice and not break my neck, but there should not be any black ice in the first place, just large granules of purple salt.

This all makes it slightly boring for the map enthusiast, but I will try to make it up at the weekends, now that I have the Garmin and the ability to have one of 28 satellites every second of every day of the year anywhere in the world…I will believe that when I see it.

Till then

Day 82
Miles today: 3.10
Miles completed: 260.15
Miles to go: 850

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