The Best Album in the World EVER (Vol. 7)

I never understood how they could advertise this. I do understand that it is a series of albums, but surely one would succeed the other, making the previous versions superfluous. You would have also thought that as opposed to revisiting the concept they would actually take some time to think about what actually was the best album, as opposed to rehashing it seven times.

Today reminded me of this series of albums as I was given the best present EVER. Two kilos of sirloin steak and two pints of local Chilterns bitter in a milk carton. Granted, it doesn’t sound like the best thing EVER, but simple things.

Talking of music, it still plays a part in the daily efforts, and actually focuses my mind. Last night I came in at 24.12, which I think is my quickest yet. Granted I had the conditions (cold air and a flatish surface) but I was spurred on by the playlists.

I enjoy the unknown risk of hitting shuffle play on the all song list. Last night started off with the solos of both Jimmy Page and John Bonham, to get me going, and eventually slowed to some Green Day (a melancholy number). This was not what I needed as I had started to race a cyclist. I caught up with her at the lights and over took; so to keep ahead I needed something that would make my mind ignore the shortening of breath and push on. Then there it was like seeing reinforcements arriving on horse back, through the heat haze of the horizon, Rage Against the Machine. The curve of her front wheel, which fleetingly broke into my peripheral vision, disappeared again as the adrenalin filled belches from Zack de la Rocha saturated my soul with added drive. The race lasted for about 15 seconds and like the bus that you were never going to catch, on the rainy Monday morning after you have slept in, the lady’s 7 stone frame free wheeled into the distance. That is how fast I was going, I was beaten by someone freewheeling.

There is no way in the world that I would have gone for a race if I hadn’t have music. The monkey in my brain would have told me to give up a long time before and to retake my seat on the bench of mediocrity. I will keep that monkey at bay for as long as possible.

Till then.

Day 95
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 297.02
Miles to go: 814

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