Oh Harold!

Where have I been? How have I just realised now that I have not done 5 blogs in a row? I am not quite sure what my excuse is. Busy I guess. Thank the Lord you say.

Anyway, my joints (specifically my ankles) are starting to creek again. They are long standing troubles that have plagued my existence since my conception. I have always had strong but very ‘clicky’ ankles. Whenever I walk they click. They have been so loud in the past that they have woken the baby up, just as I am trying to creep out of the room.

Not having a qualification to my name, I am not sure what causing the sharp pains. Currently I am guessing it is the constant use and development of the ligaments, muscles and tendons (if they are not all different words for the same things).

Anyway it makes things slightly uncomfortable and a little embarrassing at work when I hobble down the corridor looking like a clean shaven version of old man Steptoe. But nevertheless we must carry on. Maybe I should stick to taking the glucosamine and see where that takes me. Figuratively you understand.
Till then.

Day 97
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 233.02
Miles to go: 809

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