Quinoa Porridge and Pasta

There is no question that a slightly restful weekend and slower runs has allowed my body to recoup some energy to allow me to put some effort in this evening. I got back well within 23mins, which I now do think is my quickest. I had a sustained period of fast running which was helped by my imagination of me being Jason Bourne “… I know that I can run flat out for 2 miles before I pass out.” I wish.

Anyway, as well as rest, I think that the protein in the Quinoa porridge and the brown pasta I had the night before really did give my legs that extra boost. I know I have commented on it before and it is not rocket science, but I still find it difficult to remember to do it. Eat carbs and proteins and drink water and it will help. I have been subjected to Quinoa for the last 6 or 7 years, thanks to my wife, and I have never really enjoyed it; whether in salads with pomegranate, baked biscuits etc. But the porridge (if accompanied by yogurt, berries or maple syrup) is acceptable. It is so good for you that it is worth holding your nose and thinking of England. I will have to again soon, to keep the protein levels up.

Till then.

Day 101
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 230.02
Miles to go: 811

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