Sort of up and running

Being the techno wizard that I am I have been able to get the maps off my watch and on to the mobile computer laptop. They are slightly hit and miss (as and when I do them) but I will ensure that I go back and update the blogs with the maps I have so that they are as complete as the can be. Today I went for a run round Battersea Park again and it was not until I had finished (in my own world again – dreaming of the weekend) that I noticed the watch was off. I have no idea a what point it stopped recording me plodding round the park (good name for an exercise class) but it matters not as I can confirm I must have got round in about 45mins, such was my apathy. Apathy as well as a force 12 head on wind along the Thames, it was a real extra battle. I quite enjoyed running into it, but by once I had turned to go back the other way I was on the Southern side of the park in a an avenue of trees, where the wind was negligible so I didn’t have the benefits of it pushing me home. I must make more of an effort.

Till then.

Day 98
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 236.02
Miles to go: 806

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