Anti-distinctly- minty-monty

What an interesting and thought provoking blog it was yesterday, A fine piece of short yet intense writing. I am not altogether sure I will be able to beat that.

The boss was out so I went running this afternoon in the misty rain. Fine rain – “you know the stuff that soaks you right through”. Am not sure what I have done to the Garmin watch but it started half way down the road and registered 30 yards less than it normally does.
Anyway, the bad thing about the route to Cobham rugby club is that I have to pass a butty van in a layby. Its chimneys belching out the fantastic fairground smell of onions. It takes all my will power to prevent vomitice and to not stop and purchase a double banger and mustard.

I know that vomitice is not actually a word (I don’t think) but I believe myself to be on a par with Samuel Johnson and therefore within my statutoralistic and divinicative rights to make them up. Maybe I will get a call up to be the editor of the next Collins Dictionary. I will let you know.

Till then.

Day 104
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 254.02
Miles to go: 788

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  1. Irene says:

    Loving your blog Andy xx