Armistice Day

I was sent a lovely article today about the priest who apparently came up with the idea of the ‘Unknown Warrior’. For those that are not aware, the Unkown Warrior is a soldier exhumed from a battlefield somewhere on continental Europe and is, effectively, a symbol of closure for the families who never received the bodies of their loved ones. The Unkown Warrior was given a full State Funeral (reserved for royalty and the occasional Prime Minister) and lies at the great west door of Westminster Abbey. Article is HERE if you want a read.

The priest took to the grave with him, a lot of the information that might allow people to investigate the true identity of the soldier. He was pursued annually by people who wanted to know the information he had, but he never divulged it. And rightly so.

It just strikes me that there are few people nowadays that would be so gracious about retaining information for the benefit of others. In complete contrast you look at the utter berk who is alleged to have dealt the final breath to Osama bin Laden, who couldn’t keep his cake hole shut for more than three years, for vanquishing dues or to make a quick buck. Idiot.

What ever happened to the good old ‘pinky swear’ which, to 8 year olds, is a legally binding contract. You wouldn’t catch me telling you about the time that I saved a school class from a rampant attack of chocolate muffins.

Anyway, I do feel hypocritical as I spout forth the odd surreptitious fact, but nobody reads this so I can say what I like.


Day 102
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 248.02
Miles to go: 794

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