Day 321: stupid phone

Plucked up the courage to let Henry see how rubbish I am at salsa dancing this morning.  I hated to admit it but I needed his help with some practice. He’s very good at it and is an advanced dancer so you can understand why im a nervous wreck around him when it comes to dancing.  Hopefully now we’ve had a practice session  I will be less embarrassed next time he sees me dance. Im all booked in to a 3 hour salsa workshop in a couple of weeks, so watch this space :)

I’m getting angry now. Most of the time I have no battery life on my phone so I have to run a route that I know is 5k. Today I decided to run a 20k. Luckily I have done this route before.  For once I was organised, I had my phone charging all day.  It was raining, perfect I thought. I love running in the rain, I find it very refreshing. I was running at a good average pace 5 min per K but I got to just over 12k and my phone died.  How annoying.  I carried on as I knew the route and managed to keep with the pace. Its just frustrating I cant prove it :(  Legs are  now destroyed and in much need for a rest.

Miles Today: 12.42

Miles Completed: 1,138.41


12.39k plus 8k

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  1. Rachel says:

    I have no idea how your brain works that you decided on a wet and gloomy Sunday to run 20k