Back in Blighty

I thought I would have seen a remarkable difference in my running but actually it started pretty much the same. The John Wayne waddle to get my carcass moving and then when I am going it is alright.

I am just settling back into the dark days of England and therefore other than my default conversation, the weather, I have little to tell you. The Ryanair flight back yesterday was not as bad as we had anticipated, other than trying to over charge people £5 for ‘Drinksssssssssss and Snacksssssssss’. Funnily enough the Land Anchor pointed something out to me whilst she was waiting for the aforementioned refreshments and I would invite you to look the next time you are on a Ryanair flight. Their menu card has a page dedicated to meal deals. It even goes so far as to have a Lichtenstein style carton lady saying something along the lines of “These deals are out of this world”. The “deal” is for 3 items that add up to €10. The same three items bought individually however, add up to €10. I am altogether sure that there is no real deal for anyone. It is another example of the smoke and mirrors that this specific newsagent with wings, adopt to charge you the exact same fair as every other airline.

Day: 113
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 281.36
Miles to go: 761

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