Footballs/ PE lessons / Bare legs

Have you lived yet? I thought I had. I have been lucky enough to travel to different countries, had an education (when I wasn’t daydreaming), laughed till wee came out and looked longingly into the eyes of the one I …..VOM!
Anyway, on a very chilly evening run last night I realised that those were mere precursors to the real events of life. Let me tell you, you have not lived until you have been sprayed by a Surrey Council gritter truck going at 35mph. The little rocks of salt tumbling off the asphalt into your crackers and whipping your face with a provocative contempt. The worst part of it though was the fine salt dust, the only remnants of the trucks existence, clinging to my already mottled brow, latterly sending a toxic concoction into my eye that would have stripped enamel. Oh how naïve I was until last night. I feel alive with the knowledge that I am now a real man.
Hill work is still proving to have paid off.

Day 115
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 287.36
Miles to go: 755

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