Friday 21st

Today was a real treat. I was tired and did not want to leave the bonfire in the front room to get my shorts on and run around. Things were made slightly easier though by the music – 2 songs in particular.

Never before had I thought that I would be fussed for the Reebok Classic white trainer and the West Ham football shirt, but the shrill cries of Bruce Dickinson and Run to the Hills was an absolute life saver. It was then followed by the full version of Layla. Why, when you have such an iconic riff like that would you then tag on to the end of the song, making it twice as long, an almost Chicago type ballad. Why? Because I am Eric Clapton and I can do what the hell I like.

Fair enough.

Day: 112
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 278.36
Miles to go: 764

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