Monday 17th

17 NovRan to the bins and back today. long gradual climbs as opposed to the sharp mile long ones of the drive, but nevertheless tiring. I can still feel the benefit of the last two days though. I do have to stop at the top sometimes to catch my breath.
I had a very odd experience where my heart put out such a ferocious beat that it forced the air in my mouth out and then back in again. Kind of like the effect of an explosion under water. It was slightly disconcerting for a second as I thought I had reached my natural resonance and would collapse into a puddle, but when I realised the integrity of my structure was still in tact I was a great experience.

Still nice to run in the sunshine but it does make one perspire a little more.

Day 108
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 266.27
Miles to go: 776

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