Saturday 15th

15 NovFirst day of the hills today. I got it done before lunch so that I could enjoy a beer whilst watching the autumn international on TV. Fat chance of that happening as the stratosphere was not in alignment apparently, so the foreign TV was not working.

Anyway, I chose to run up and down the drive, which is in actual fact a country road upon which our house happens to be, but it has not been used at the top end for 40 odd years so it is green and overgrown. Other than the plodding nature of the first run out it was interesting to see how my running style, which has since August been fashioned by flattish pavements, would now deal with proper inclines. I was still running on my heels, which is ridiculous, but maybe it will improve over the week. The good thing is that it is half way through November and I get to run in twenty degree heat in the sun during the day. What a pleasant change.

Day 106
Miles today: 3.25
Miles completed: 260.27
Miles to go: 782

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