Thursday 20th

20 Nov
Today I got dropped off after popping to the supermarket, and ran a one way distance, which involved cars and everything. People looking at me as if I was a mad man, them wrapped up in the 20 degree heat with coats boarded by Eskimo collars and thick boots. My in my thin shorts that unfortunately leave little to the imagination.
Nice though. The height gain was not as impressive as I thought. Maybe Garmin giveth and taketh away, like someone else I know, to give an average. Anyway, my legs were not appreciating the up hill nor the down hill. That is the funny thing with me and hills. Unless you are a fell runner and are an expert at throwing your weight forward and extending your gait, I find plodding down hill and putting undue pressure on my knees is actually quite detrimental/tiring; so when you come to the end of the down hill you legs are still tired and not ready for the resultant flip side.
Anyway. another day closer to the seemingly planes of Surrey.

Day 111
Miles today: 3.09
Miles completed: 275.36
Miles to go: 767

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