Tuesday 18th

18 NovI can tell that my body is getting tired from the extra effort. My ankles are starting to give way and the calf muscles are working overtime (as I am forcing myself to run up the hills on the balls of my feet). At least it should in theory help with sprints and the like, a bit later on.

Anyway the lethargy is a fair one. I am not upset with myself for the fact that the drive took me an extra 2 minutes today. Not altogether sure why as I did not stop this time round, but did go a bit slower so that I wouldn’t stop, if you know what I mean.
By the way, the monthly mentor will be coming out at the end of this month, due to my overseas trip. This month Is Charles and his Cotswold Way run.

Day 109
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 269.27
Miles to go: 773

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