Day 324: out of my comfort zone

Its amazing how quickly Wednesdays come around.  I used to dread Thursdays sprints but now I dread Wednesdays salsa.  I am so out of my comfort zone its untrue.  This evenings class was a struggle.  I did a stupid thing. All I ate today before running and salsa was a banana. I ran to the salsa class and then had a protein shake.  My run was actually ok and my average pace was good. The salsa class was not so good. I couldn’t focus, I had no energy, and having a beer before the class after not eating all day was another bad decision. im blaming  my salsa buddy Iain, I would never of had a beer if it wasn’t for him.   After the class I decided to run home. This was slow and painful, I felt like I was going  to collapse. Anyway I made it home and had a nice bowl of Greek yogurt, bananas, honey and chopped almonds.

Prepare yourself for tomorrows blog, lots of moaning about being fat and eating too many calories.  Rachels over from Jersey, so it means only one thing…. lots of cake :)

Miles Today: 3.11

Miles Completed: 1,147.75


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