Today’s running total reminded me of a song that was on a rather obscure 80’s album that we had within the family record collection. It was actually on a cassette tape that we would play in our burgundy Renault 25 V6 Turbo, a car that had a voice. It was full of chart toppers, including ‘Una Paloma Blanca (I’m just a bird in the sky)’ and many other seminal classics.
Anyway the lyrics of The Clap Song 3-6-9 were written in 1965 apparently and quite sweet in a very odd way. I am not sure that I agree with geese drinking wine or monkey’s chewing tobacco, but we need to make advances in beauty products, so I guess we can turn a blind, yet beautifully shadowed, eye.

Day 123
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 369
Miles to go: 726

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