Sunday 30th

Got it out of the way early today so I could enjoy a large family lunch (18 people!), which included 4 different puddings and nice wine.
It was like an outdoor scene in Sleepy Hollow. Thick fog that parted only briefly to allow you to see a dark grey figure in the distance before it was gone again. Fantastically eerie.

At the half way mark I came across an older gentleman who started running the way I wanted to. I stopped for a while and watched him running. Firstly I was impressed that he was out and active. It then became hard for me to go in the same direction as I would have had to over take him (hopefully) and then that would have felt disrespectful. I didn’t want to ruin his day. So I chose to change my route and attack the (unbeknown to me) water logged woodland. It was as if I was wearing my favourite clogs made of ice, which were melting ever so slightly, then decided to try and run the 100 yard dash on an ice rink. To say I would have looked like a complete idiot is probably an understatement. The uncontrollable running on the spot movements that were going on was worse than any slapstick Home Alone type, baddies running on marbles, sketches ever. If there was a prize for revolutions per minuet I would have won pants down.

Anyway, slightly muddy and out of breath I returned in one piece.

Day 122
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 366
Miles to go: 729

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