Thursday 27th

Not a lot happened today. Went to work, came home, ran 3 miles, consumed dinner and went to bed. Anyone else have as interesting life as I do?

I am planning on making some venison sausages soon (I have been threatening for the last 4 months) so I am investigating the best recipes. If anyone has any that they would like to forward on, then please do.

Did I mention (and apologies if I have) the documentary on killer whales and Seaworld? It has some of the most breath taking footage and commentary of the relationship between the whales and trainers and is unbelievable the way in which companies will stop at nothing to make profit. If you are interested in Orcas and their existence in captivity, then I would strongly recommend it. I am not easily shocked or moved, but I had my mouth open in disbelief at a lot of it.

Anyway, in the words of the Mayor of Trumpton, “that’s that”.

Day 119
Miles today: 3.00
Miles completed: 357
Miles to go: 738

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