Day 329-344 – oops!

oh wow!  I had no idea I had fallen so far behind on my blog.  I just don’t know where the time has gone.  ive been so busy.  running, salsa, running, salsa more running, partying and so on. I lost all motivation to blog :(  my running has been crap the last few weeks, ive only been doing the 3 miles. My phone battery has gone from bad to worse so ive stuck to routes I know but ive been either tired or pushed for time so have stuck to 3 miles.

I finish work on Friday so im planning a few long runs after that.   Next Monday im aiming for a 30k plus. Need to lose a little weight before xmas so I can enjoy my xmas pudding.   I really need to watch what I eat from now on,  ive been buying new out fits for going out and the dresses and skirts are getting shorter and tighter so there is no room for weight gain what so ever.

thank you Nathan for giving me the big push to get back on track with the blog :)

My challenge is nearly over so these last few weeks im going to try really hard and keep up with my blogging

miles 3×16 – 48 miles

miles completed:1,207.75

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