Day 345: should have stayed in bed

Rubbish day in every shape and form. I woke up this morning and could hardly walk. My own fault as I thought it a good idea to do lots and lots of squats, walking lunges and step ups after my run yesterday.  My thighs are killing. Im not a happy bunny, especially as Justin, the sweatshop manager has given me a mini challenge to do,  he wants to see if I can end my challenge completing it with 1400 miles. That means I need to run 193 miles in 21 days  starting today but I was in so much pain I only managed the 3 miles and they were slow ones at that :( In fact my run was so slow and crap my battery ran out in the process.  That just says it all.

I thought my day couldn’t get worse but oh yeah, it can.  in one word … SALSA    oh dear Christ im getting worse, if that’s at all possible.  ive noticed that after 50 minutes I cant focus and I lose the plot.  im not sure if its because im tired from my running or if its the couple  of cans of red bull I had to keep me awake just before or it could be im just not cut out to be a dancer.  My money is on, im just not meant to dance.    im much more at home in the gym lifting weights and perving over men or out on the open road running.

ive had such a rubbish day ive polished off a box of liquorice allsorts and half a box of chocolates.

Fingers crossed the legs are ok for tomorrows run. That’s if im not too fat to get out of the front door after my binging :(:(:(:(

Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed: 1,210.75


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