The challenge that’s run its course

They say new years are about new beginnings… but they should also be about new endings.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been mulling over the future of this site and I think now is the right time to say goodbye to the 1095 mile challenge.

It’s been a long journey since I took my first run in September 2009 and some amazing people have followed suit by running three miles a day for a year (and blogging about it on a daily basis).

But I can no longer find the time to administer the site, nor can I constantly try and police the posting/blogging side of the challenge, which is the one people seem to find the toughest… but rules are rules.

It’s something I’d planned to announce¬†in September to coincide with the 5th anniversary of my first run, my brother in law Andy taking on the mantle was the one thing that stopped me then, but given he has now pulled out with injury, I feel no obligation to carry on.

So when Richard Groenenberg completes his final run in October 2015, there will be no new postings here and new entrants are officially over from today.

Good luck everyone – and thanks for reading.

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