Day 353 – 363 : xmas through to New year

Wow! That has to be the busiest Christmas and New Year I have ever had. My first Christmas with Henry and I have to say that it was simply wonderful.  Lots of travelling to see families and lots of Salsa parties.   I still think I should stick to running. Although I am improving at Salsa im still finding it hard. It really clogs up my brain and I always feel like going for a run to clear my head.  Running has had its ups and downs over the few weeks.  Running on Christmas day early in the morning  in corfe mullen was dull, running up and down hills and no one else in sight but boxing day in Worcester was good. I ran from my sisters through the town to the river meeting Henry at the premier inn and it was all down hill. These are the runs I like :)  The rest of my runs were varied, some in Worcester, Wimborne and in London.  Back home in London and only 2 runs to go. Im starting to feel a little sad that its all coming to an end.

Miles done in this period of time: 30

Miles Completed: 1,273.04

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