Day 364: penultimate run

Another 3 miles down and just 3 more to go.  Todays run was really hard. Not only did I go back to work but Henry went back to Bournemouth so I wasn’t in the best of moods plus ive not felt well all day and on top of this ive put on nearly half a stone in weight over xmas and its making my running very sluggish plus im not liking the way I look.  I really need to think what happens after tomorrow because I don’t want to get lazy and then end up the size of a house, that just wont do.  Henry has just bought me a new dress and there is no room for any weight gain and I refuse to take it back for a bigger size.  Serious dieting starts tomorrow. it was starting today but I ate a giant size piece of Christmas cake :(

Miles Today- 3

Miles Completed-  1,276.04

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