Day 365 – Done and dusted…

In one sense today was just another day on the challenge…it was busy for me personally as I needed to sort out getting a new car but then in another sense it was a huge day for me…365 runs…1095 miles….all done.  Time flies! I cannot believe it was a year ago that I started running…

I feel much better for it and will keep to this healthier lifestyle in the future.

Firstly I owe a massive thanks to my good lady wife, Emsy Mc, without whose continued support I couldn’t have achieved my objective…thank you sweetheart.

Secondly a massive thanks to my brother Ivor who did his own fair share of running this year and ran with me across London and Oxford and Portugal. Top bombing!

Thirdly 2 shout outs for Jon and John who put this madness into my head…and supported me through it.

I’m taking tomorrow off but start marathon training on Wednesday….woohoo….I’m not running tomorrow!

Thanks also to all those of you who sponsored my efforts….it was much appreciated.

Hasta la vista, Davey out.

Miles Today: 3

Miles Completed: 1095

Miles To Go: 0

Shoes: Asics GT2000



  1. Kate Jerrum says:

    well done David. it feels weird hey? the year has gone by so quickly. my last run is tomorrow and I cant wait for Wednesday for a day off. im still undecided on what to do next. its either hit the gym and get super toned and muscular or marathon training. I just don’t know what to do.
    anyway good luck with the marathon training and take care of yourself – kate

  2. Nathan Still says:

    Well done David, top effort

  3. Well done on completing good effort…