Day 218: That can’t be right

Park Run this morning and it was freezing, not the best weather for running fast but gave it a go. Everyone sprints off and I take quite a lot of pride in the fact that after a few hundred metres I start to reel people in and that no one goes past me. In the last half mile I was catching more and more people, each time going past someone focusing on the next person and so on. One of the final people I caught took some cathcing and as I got closer I noticed that they were wearing sandals and I immediatly thought about the Tarahumara, an ancient tribe of people who run ultra marathons for run, talked about in the book Born To Run. I also thought, bloody hell, there is a bloke in sandals, that can’t be right!

Afterwards I had to go and speak to the guy and it turned out there were a few of them running in Luna Sandals and promoting minimalist running. He told me that he has run over 2000 miles a year in them, including the odd ultra marathon….. Maybe that can be my next challenge.

My eldest attended a specialist rugby class being organised by a local senior school with top coaches. Only a few kids turned up and they had to go and play with the football session instead. How they can’t get enough kids to attend a specialist Rugby session in Norhtampton is beyond me, that can’t be right.

My sister came over this evening to drop some rugby kit off so we got the kids to bed and ordered a curry. Now that is right!

Day 218
Miles 3.11
Miles so far 740.48
Miles to go 354.52
Trainers Nike Right

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