Day 235: Slush

Whilst everyone is posting picture of snow, yes we know it’s snowing, we have just been left with it being quite cold and a bit of slush.

Couldn’t get out at lunchtime so went straight after work, a quick few laps of of a short loop near work then lots of stretching. My high score in the gym challenge has been beaten so I now need to try and beat that….. I’m not competitive!

Since I started the challenge I have only had 2 pairs of trainers, the first ones were already well used and did another 400 miles and to be honest could probably do more, they just don’t suit forefoot lead running and the Nike Free I have have done 400 miles now and haven’t shown any sign of wearing out, I must be pretty light on my feet ……. Not my loafers! They do hum though, think I might need to put them through the wash.

Over 800 miles done, milestone ticked.

Day 235
Miles 3.01
Miles so far 800.3
Miles to go 294.7
Trainer Nike Puppies

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