Day 285: Happy Birthday

My eldest is 11 today, time flies. He got up pretty early, which is unusual for him, and was very excited. I on the other hand was feeling pretty shit, I think its after yesterday’s vaccination so hopefully I am not actually getting ill. He’s had a pretty good birthday this year and it’s great to see him smiling so much. Better make the most of it as he’ll be a teenager before I know it.

Had our BMF today at work, BMF stands for Business Management Forum, some say it stands for Big Mother F@&¬£ing meeting which always makes me laugh when I hear it. It’s actually quite good as its a good chance to hear what’s going on across the business and catch up with people you don’t always get the chance to.

Went out reasonably late for my run again, all this running in the dark is killing me.

Day 285
Miles 4.82
Miles so far 971.14
Miles to go 123.86
Trainers Nike Big Boys

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