Day 312: More treatment

Saw a different physio today as my current one has come off her bike and has cracked ribs. Anyway, in addition to my hip flexor the new guy found that I my pelvis is locked up on the left which isn’t helping my hip. He got out a gret big strap, wrapped it round me and started pulling me in all sorts of directions. A bit different, but it seemed to work.

Met up with our group Comms team today, they are going to help me promote the end of my run and give the old fund raising a bit of a push. Result! I need to raise a lot more money as at the moment I’ve probably spent more money on treatment than I have actually raised.

Another busy day, another late evening run.

Day 312
Miles 3.32
Miles so far 1061.71
Miles to go 33.29
Trainers Nike Strapping

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